Sunday, April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem, greeted with reverence as He entered the city, palm branches and cloaks laid on the road for him.  They were looking for a leader, a king, and thought that Jesus was that leader.  But he did not go in for a revolt against the regime while mounted on a noble steed.  Instead, He entered humbly on donkey with her foal. (Matthew 21:1-11) Just as he was welcomed by the people of Jerusalem longing for a King, it is a time for us to truly remember to welcome Jesus into our hearts.  We must be the humble donkey with our foal, carrying Jesus where we go while being that example for our children.

I'd recently seen a meme "This is the Lentiest Lent there ever Lent".  In the midst of this pandemic, we have, as a whole, been thrust into a period of humility.  It has not mattered what are status in life is/was, we have all been affected by it.  And what was once an abundance in our lives has become scarce.  Many of our vices/cravings are no longer available.  Now we long for simple human contact, the comfort of loved ones far away.  The most common thread of conversation during this "lock-down" is "When this is over, let's have dinner."  It's time with each other, quality time.

This is what God had wanted all along with us.  Human contact, connection and understanding.  Jesus' Incarnation became that human connection that our Lord God wanted to have with us for love of us.  But just with all living things in this world, what has experienced life will experience death.  Jesus, even through His divinity, did not make Himself exempt from death being fully man.  And not only did He die, He was mocked, humiliated, tortured, and whipped.  For what?

For us.  For we who are imperfect, this perfect being suffered a humiliating death.  For too long, we turned away, too busy to make time to be with He who gave up His life for us.  We made up excuse after excuse because of our busy lives.  Now that has all come to a halt.  This week, more than ever, we feel the loss of our Church communities.  Now more than ever, we have no option but to not go into His house, physically receive His Body and His Blood.  Now that we have no choice, we want it, we long for it.  Why, when it seems all is loss, do we suddenly feel our need for Him much greater?

This Palm Sunday, welcome our Lord into your heart, in your life, and do not once again abandon Him to our love of the world and worldly things.  Lay down your palms of peace and let Him thrive. For as we have recently seen, the world as we know it can always be taken away.  But the love of our Lord remains in us.  Seek it. Find it. Hold on to it.